Friday, December 26, 2008

Our "Green" Christmas Card

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*Christmas Day*

Sorry Aaron, I did not have ONE picture taken with me in it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! I guess that is why I need you around to make sure I get in at least one photo! I will be sure to take some with myself in them soon!
Christmas Day was a whirlwind of excitement. Not only where there presents to be opened...Caiden got to celebrate Baby Jesus' birthday AGAIN! He got to have a party for him at school before they let out for break..
Santa brought him a bike, and a Bob the Builder Sander and Tape Measure (like he asked for), and Daddy got him some really cool Geo Tracks! Cameron had fun watching all of the craziness nestled in his chair...trying to suck his thumb! It was completely insane with 4 little ones opening gifts...with two of them being 5 and 6! We visited with more family in the afternoon at Uncle Diggers...good times were had by all! The only thing that was missing was my hubby :( I missed him year all I want for Christmas is some cool weather...a cup of cocoa...and his arms to snuggle in...WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH AARON!
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~Christmas Eve~

We spent Christmas Eve at Aaron's folks house. Caiden had a good time opening presents he got...oh wait...and presents everyone else got! He opened up lots of his grandparents presents when he was done with his...oh what fun he had! Afterwards we retired home where we left a little plate of cookies and milk (on the place mat Caiden made at school) for Santa! I woke up after Santa had come and took some pictures before the house was a complete disaster the next morning!
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Getting so chunky...

Well chunky in my eyes anyway! Compared to his little bitty 5 lbs. when we brought him home...Master Cameron IS a chunk! Probably topping off at a heavy 10 lbs in just three little ol' months...he is chatting up a storm...smiles all the time...and loves his big brother!
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Mohawk Man

OK even though I think he looks like a boy in this picture rather than the baby I like to think he is still...he had fun spikin' his hair up after bath time! I think he thinks he is a model sometimes...looks at these poses!!!

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The Christmas Card that Wasn't...

Ok I really did have good intentions...for getting a Christmas Card out this year that is... I took pictures of the boys and was just printing them and sending them that I never got around to! I did however send a "green friendly" Christmas card via email on Christmas Night. You can view it on our I hope you enjoy the pictures...they DID turn out very cute! Love to all!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Welcome to the first installment of "Caidenism's"...quirky little things that maybe only a parent could laugh at ...or maybe not!

Last night Caiden was being a "little boy" at the table and I told him I would PREFER him not to do that at the table, but if he did to please say excuse me! Well he did "it" again and he told me "you would PRECIOUS to FUR me not to do that at the table." He was laughing hysterically and told me like Wesley (our cat's) fur. Needless to say I was laughing, I have NO IDEA where he comes up with this stuff! He is just like his daddy I believe...always trying to be the center of attention and always making people laugh...Aaron that IS a good thing!

Coming soon...the second installment of Caidenism' soon as he says something else that makes me laugh!

9 Days 'til Christmas

Only nine days left until Christmas! We miss Daddy...but every day we mark off on our calendar is one day closer to seeing him! Caiden LOVES gluing the cotton balls on this thing...I think Santa must be saying HOWDY seeing as how his cap is lifted a little ...tee hee! This hangs on his door to his bedroom...and he wants to glue stick every night before bed! I think he would take the glue stick to bed with him if I let him...hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far...Remember...JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!
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~Caiden's Class Christmas Party~

(click image to enlarge) Caiden's class had their Christmas party today...I had volunteered to be in charge months back. It was fun...there were several parents that attended and helped with everything! I think that the kids had a wonderful time decorating gingerbread boys and girls and painting ornaments! I took pictures of each child and put in their ornament for them to take home and hang on their tree...these kids are SO CUTE! I think I had more fun than they did :)
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Soldier Boy

Aaron standing so handsomely beside his units insignia...Thank you 1-10 Tiger Sharks for keeping us safe!!! God Bless You All!
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O' Christmas Tree

Aaron got the little Christmas Tree that Caiden and I decorated for him...funny to see it here in the US and now in Iraq! We are so happy it made it there with the lights and everything still intact! He is is having the best time opening all the boxes EVERYONE is sending him...thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! The soldiers in ALL the companies are loving all the baked goods and goodies in the boxes. God Bless you ALL for thinking of them this time of year!
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Friday, December 12, 2008

School Preformance

Cousins KK and Austy had a school performance this week. Of course it was a little later in the evening than I would have liked. You can only entertain a almost 3 year old so long! Pop did a wonderful job of patty cake about a million time, coloring smileys and taking the joyous child around to the reading sessions! Caiden told Pop that his smiley of Caiden looked like a MoNsTeR!!! Probably because he was acting close to one (Caiden that is)! Gramma and me were entertained watching Cameron sleep while we waiting for the singing...she also colored the most lovely gingerbread man! :) Thanks guys...we had a great time.
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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The boys met Santa last weekend...yes "THE" Santa. Both got little gifts...Caiden some Tonka cars and Cameron a little Poo stuffed animal. Both were so excited and the party was great! Caiden however was so close to his nap time that I ended up popping his little booty back in the car and taking him home almost immediately after Santa...oh the joy of having a whining three year old!
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Lifting Up

He has been lifting up for a while, but he is much more steady now! He is getting so big...he will probably be at the 10lb. mark by Christmas! Boy how they grow...Cameron's favorite things to do are: eating, sleeping, pooping, playing on his mat, tummy time, talking and listening to his loud mouth big bubba!
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~Gingerbread House~

Caiden and I made our first gingerbread house together this past week! He has so much fun and strategically placed every little piece of candy (okay not every one, but most of them!) Afterwards he enjoyed eating some too! ...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowman Art

I just have to share Caiden's snowman art with everyone, but it is mostly for Daddy to see! He made this today at school. He is getting so good at making faces. I didn't even know he could draw faces until I saw him drawing one on his magnadoodle yesterday...he said "look at my smiley face Momma!" I just couldn't believe he actually drew something that looked like a face :) Hope this little snowman warms your heart!
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


They are already silly as can be...and their Daddy and I love them so much...we are so looking forward to watching them grow :)
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Getting into the Spirit...

Even though we miss Daddy sooooo much...we are trying to get into the holiday spirit! This is the tree we are sending Daddy...Caiden colored all of the stars himself and he even helped me put some of the ornaments on the tree. Always doing what he does best..CHEESIN'!
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Already Smiling :)

Cameron has a very contagious laugh already! He has a smile the lights up his whole face...just like his big brother :) Can't wait to post some video of him soon as I find the battery to my video camera that Caiden has hid!
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mia's Birthday Party

I took Caiden to a birthday party yesterday at Mia's house yesterday. She is a little girl from his class and she turned 3! There was a train, huge play yard and even a bouncy house! Caiden had a lot of he is REALLY looking forward to his party in January :)
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We missed Daddy so much this year at Thanksgiving. It just wasn't the same. Caiden has been trying to catch up on his sleep for about a week now and this was the case at 4 in the afternoon on Thanksgiving. We hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and are thankful that all that God has given you...I know we are :)

~Cameron Wayne~

He is TWO MONTHS OLD! He is getting bigger and more candid every single day! We have a two month check up on Monday and we are hoping that he is close 8 lbs! We will post updates on weight and check up soon...
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Magic Cookie Bars

Kaylee (my niece) and I made magic cookie bars for Aaron (since the first ones were eaten up so fast) this past Sunday! The kids had fun goofing around for the day & Caiden was so excited to get to play with his cousins again! Aaron we hope you enjoy the two sheets of magic cookie bars we sent you...along with the other "low fat" goodies :)
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Big Ol' Truck!

Aaron said he FINALLY has a truck that is bigger than Bobby's! I will take a picture of Bobby's truck as post it as soon as possible...then you will understand the joke!
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I thought this was the best picture of Aaron...what a handsome man :) I think I might have to put this one on the Christmas Cards!
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Rice Crispy Treats

Caiden and I ...and Cameron too...made Crispy Treats to send to Daddy was bunches of fun! He got to do every single step...and he only made a little bit of a mess :) His favorite part was probably eating the marshmallows (about 50 of them!) HE also liked to watch me vacuum seal them after they were done! Look for your crispy treats soon daddy!!!
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God Bless America

Caiden sang God Bless America today at his Thanksgiving Feast...I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did! He LOVES to sing new songs...and loves to sing this one in particular. They sing it every day at school and his teacher told me after they are done she tells the children to go play nicely. Caiden now ends the song with the phrase "now go play nicely!" He is actually still singing the phrase at the end...of course not in this version...but at home he does...and it makes his momma laugh every time!

Thanksgiving Feast

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Caiden's preschool had their annual Thanksgiving Feast was just wonderful. His Pop Pop was able to come with us and take lots of pictures and even sing with him! The kids had leaf shaped turkey sandwiches and all other kids of goodies in their little bags! The 2 1/2 year classes were all dressed up like Indians in outfits they got to die themselves!!! Caiden had so much fun singing many of the songs he has learned so far this school year :)
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