Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cameron Wayne Ashley

~Ashley Family UPDATE~

Tomorrow night, September 28th, Aaron and I will head to Lakeland Regional Medical Center to start our journey to meet little Cameron. Hopefully with a little help I will go into "natural" labor, otherwise Monday morning they will help us along! I feel so blessed to be able to have Aaron here in the states with us, but mostly at the hospital WITH ME! :) We will post pictures and updates as soon as possible!

~Playing with Daddy~

Of course Daddy doesn't care what time it is (9:30 pm) and he is setting up Caiden's GeoTracks! Oh well, there will be time to sleep one day! They have so much fun how can I argue with it! Momma however is headede to bed!!!
The bottom picture is Caiden's room at Gramma and Pop Pop's house!
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My Handsome Men

My Men! Aren't they sooo handome! Caiden has a slew of new facial expressions, this being one of them! He cracks us up every day. Also keeps us on our toes!!!

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Baby Girl

Look at this face...what a little Baby Girl! We will post Wesley when he lets us get a picture of him!
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Caiden's New Tent...

Daddy came bearing gifts this weekend! Caiden will be a true camper by the end of the visit since he is practically living in the tent now!
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Spending the day with Daddy...

Aaron came home for 24 hours this past weekend (10 hr. drive) even though he had just flown to Charleston, SC to drop off a group of Apache's to ship them to Iraq~ I hope he knows how much every minute with him means to us :) We love you daddy!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Caiden's Power Loader

Let me just tell you how much he loves this thing. We ride it for about an hour EVERY DAY! And every day he does circles and tells me "Momma, watch me start my engine!" You have to love a child that is content doing something like this for hours and hours! Too Cute!

Looking back...

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I am such a SAP lately...and I just can't figure out why!?! Anyway, here are "just a few" shots from the last 32 months our of lives! Hope you enjoy...please don't cry...I have enough for everyone! hehehe

The Park...

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Caiden and I enjoyed a shaded and breezy morning at the park this morning. We played for hours and he was SO TIRED he fell asleep in the car on the way home! It was a beautiful newer park in the town next to ours (only a 10 minute drive) ...I know we will visit again soon :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caiden and Aunt Jill

We can always on Aunt Jill for some laughter when we need it...she came over to visit on Friday and played Bob the Builder with Caiden...the pictures were great! Sorry Jill...they were too good not to post! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

~Cameron's Baby Shower~

My Sis and Momma gave a baby "sprinkle" in honor of Cameron Wayne Ashley this past Saturday! I was SO IMPRESSED with my sis' decor...especially the cake! It looked just like the invites and I had such a great time! It was wonderful to see everyone that came :) You can click on the slideshow to the right to see more photos that are bigger!

Caiden's First Day of School!

Caiden absolutely loved his first day of school! We are so blessed to have a child that likes to meet new people ... and doesn't mind being away from us for a while. His teacher Mrs. Groetsch is wonderful and he seems to like her a lot. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing with school for the rest of the year! (Click on the picture to enlarge)
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School Orientation


Caiden throughly enjoyed his orientation at Beymer...he explored every single thing in the classroom in the first 10 minutes....
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Reading with Daddy...

Along with reading during bath time, Caiden gets to pick lots of books before bed time too! One of his favorite's is Tootle (actually the books his daddy read when he was a little boy as you can see from the front ripped off cover)! (Click on the picture to enlarge)

First Night in his BIG BOY BUNK!


Caiden slept in his big boy bunk beds for the first time a couple of weeks ago, he LOVES his mattress! He will tell me, let's go sleep on my comfy mattress...what a little ham!
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Vrrrrrrroooom! Cuttin' the Lawn with Pop Pop!


Chuck E Cheeses

Aaron took Caiden and I to Chuck E. Cheese's the night before we left Savannah...Caiden had a Blast! His favorite was by far the MONSTER you can see below. We miss being so close to Daddy, but he has done so well about coming home every weekend to see us! I just wish weekends were 5 days long! (Click on the picture to enlarge)

What a HUNK!

Aaron looking as handsome as ever in his Apache Gear!