Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aaron in Iraq

I was finally able to get some pictures from Aaron in Iraq!!! Isn't he so handsome :) He is pretty much settled into his CHU (Containerized Housing Unit). We have already sent boxes to him to make him a little more comfy over there during his stay, and will continue to send stuff at least bi-weekly if not more often! The pictures as he described to me...
Him standing outside one of the fences I am assuming...because he didn't tell me where this was. He and CPT McQuary in the top middle. He is the guy that has helped Aaron out getting things done here and there. He is from the unit they are taking over for and he also went to West Point with him. Upper left corner is his 1st Sgt. Pilkinton, Aaron's 1st Sgt. Middle left is CW4 Osbourne, Aaron has flown with him already a couple of times in Iraq. The middle picture is of a M-RAP...Caiden just LOVED this and wanted to ride in it with Daddy! There is also a picture of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation building (what I like to call the Camper). The bottom left is a building that Aaron said is there at Camp Speicher from back when it was an Iraqi Airbase (pretty cool). And of course Aaron standing by one of the Apache's (how handsome) and his bed in Kuwait.
Hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much as I did! I will post more as soon as I get them :)
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whitneystreet said...

thanks for the update & pics on our dear boy.

can we send a care package, too?

love all the pics of Caiden & baby CAMO. they are just the bee's knees.

loving you and your boys always!