Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Welcome to the first installment of "Caidenism's"...quirky little things that maybe only a parent could laugh at ...or maybe not!

Last night Caiden was being a "little boy" at the table and I told him I would PREFER him not to do that at the table, but if he did to please say excuse me! Well he did "it" again and he told me "you would PRECIOUS to FUR me not to do that at the table." He was laughing hysterically and told me like Wesley (our cat's) fur. Needless to say I was laughing, I have NO IDEA where he comes up with this stuff! He is just like his daddy I believe...always trying to be the center of attention and always making people laugh...Aaron that IS a good thing!

Coming soon...the second installment of Caidenism' soon as he says something else that makes me laugh!

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