Friday, December 26, 2008

*Christmas Day*

Sorry Aaron, I did not have ONE picture taken with me in it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! I guess that is why I need you around to make sure I get in at least one photo! I will be sure to take some with myself in them soon!
Christmas Day was a whirlwind of excitement. Not only where there presents to be opened...Caiden got to celebrate Baby Jesus' birthday AGAIN! He got to have a party for him at school before they let out for break..
Santa brought him a bike, and a Bob the Builder Sander and Tape Measure (like he asked for), and Daddy got him some really cool Geo Tracks! Cameron had fun watching all of the craziness nestled in his chair...trying to suck his thumb! It was completely insane with 4 little ones opening gifts...with two of them being 5 and 6! We visited with more family in the afternoon at Uncle Diggers...good times were had by all! The only thing that was missing was my hubby :( I missed him year all I want for Christmas is some cool weather...a cup of cocoa...and his arms to snuggle in...WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH AARON!
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