Friday, December 4, 2009


Thanksgiving...a time to give thanks and be SO THANKFUL for so many things. The Lord has definitely blessed me my whole life with wonderful family & friends! This year I am most thankful that Aaron arrived back from Iraq safe and sound. The boys and I missed him so much and are looking forward to spending the holidays with him this year. I am thankful that we are on our PCSing soon to a stable position (2 years, non deployable) I'll take what I can get :)
Thank you all for your prayers while he was away this past year...they got us through!
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Caiden, Momma and the Pies!

It is my "responsibility" every year to make the pies at Thanksgiving...and I love doing it. This year I ventured areas unknown in making a homemade Cherry and Pecan pie. They were all delicious...super sweet...but yummy! Of course my all time fav is the pumpkin pie which Caiden helped me with! Gotta love Thanksgiving food...
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Bok Tower GardenI

We went to Bok Tower so I could take some pictures for friends and I of course had to snap a few for myself as well :) That place is still beautiful...Aaron hasn't been since he was a little boy and I think a good time was had by all!
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Turkey Cookies for Two Little Turkeys!

I needed something to do with Austin and Caiden before bed time one night and my friend Brooke had made these cute little cookies with her kids...they had fun and were stinkers at the same time! The cookies were good though :)
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Our "Getaway"

If you can really call it that...since we DID have to do "work stuff," Aaron more than I...but it was the first time since Caiden was born that we have actually left he kid/kids. It was nerve racking, and nice to get away all at the same time! We went to Ft. Drum, NY where Aaron's battalion is stationed now and we also got to go to a ball. It was a nice getaway but good to get back to our boys after was all said and done! Thanks Oma and Pop pop for watching the two rascals :)
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy BirThDaY Cameron!

Even though Cam turned the BIG "1" a little over a month ago, we waited to have his birthday party until after his daddy returned from Iraq! Everyone had a wonderful time and I was proud of the cake and cupcakes I was able to make since he loves BIG BIRD (and Sesame Street in general)! Thanks everyone for making the day fun for Cameron and giving Aaron such a warm welcome home!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

On this Veteran's Day, please remember why, how and who makes our Nation the great one that it is! We are the land of the FREE because of the BRAVE!
All gave some and some gave all
And some stood through for the red, white and blue
And some had to fall
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties and recall
Some gave all

I thought the below article was pretty neat...

A wonderful morning in the city of Auburndale with the Baker Family!
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

!!A Day Out with Thomas!!

We have waited for a long time to see Thomas! They didn't visit FL last year, at least not near us. We drove a little over three hours to get to see Thomas and it was well worth it. Both boys had a blast. Cameron already loves Thomas (thanks to his big bro!) Daddy and I had a lot of fun as well :) Ahhh...that was just the beginning of our block leave...FL here we come!
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for Aunt Jill...

Welcome to Cordele, GA...the WATERMELON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! I would not have know this unless me married to a watermelon farmer sis hadn't of told me! We were headed through so we thought we might take some pictures! Thanks Chilly Willie!
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Happy Halloweenie!

Our little firefighter (again) and Dalmatian were the hit of Halloween! SOOOOO CUTE! It was so nice to walk around with Daddy this year...he was what was missing last year :) So much fun, we loving all this family time!
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Pa Setti with Daddy

Daddy's favorite meal and only request when he returned!
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Church Fall Fest

We were invited to a wonderful Fall festival at our friends the McCulloughs church. There were a ton a people there, but we had fun. The best part was the "animal dude" at the end of the night! We saw a tortoise, a vulture, a baboon and a python...which I refused to look at! Good times had by all :)
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Caiden's Fall Festival

Caiden's school had their annual Fall Festival last week and Caiden had a blast. Daddy wasn't able to make it but we were able to tell him ALL ABOUT IT! You will notice from some of the pictures there is Caiden and a little boy named Asher standing together. Then there are a line of kids standing together. Caiden found that if he jumped on this gutter guard it made an extremely loud noise. So he gathered several kids and started now STOP! Even putting his hand in the air to stop everyone. I tell you this kid is a ham...he keeps me laughing constantly :)
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Aaron received The Bronze Star Medal at this Unit's Awards Ceremony on Saturday October 23rd. We are SO PROUD of him...of course the first thing he did with it was pin it on Caiden's shirt! He loves his boys...that is for sure! Congratulations are OUR HERO!
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Enjoying our Daddy

I don't even have to say anything about this picture....the boys faces (even Aaron's) say it all!
They are LOVIN' UP their Daddy!
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HE IS HOME!!! Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing him back to us safely. How quick this year flew by, how long it took to get him back to us! Welcome home, Husband, Daddy, Son, Friend...everything you are to every one of us...but most of all you're OUR HERO! Welcome home!!!
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It is so hard for me to believe that my baby is ONE! What a day today was...not only did we not get to talk to Aaron until late, we ended up at the hospital in the Pediatric Emergency Room with Cam :( Yes it was horrible, but both of the boys were troopers. Caiden was on the down end of his bout with the flu and poor little Cam got it. Tested positive at the hospital and they put him on Tamiflu which helped it go away in about two days (at least the fever part anyway).
This year has had it's moments that's for sure...but I can still remember them lying this little bity 5 lb 7 oz human in my hands. I just kept thinking...he's so tiny. Now look at him!!! We love you Camo...HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY our littliest buddy!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

!!Congratulations Aaron on making PC!!

I am SO PROUD of my hubby for making PC! Pilot is Command is a huge deal and has to be voted on by a board and then all of the testing has to be aced! We are very proud of you babe and can't wait to see you SOON!!!

Beth, Caiden & Camo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

**Aaron Update**

Hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I did! Aaron has done a wonderful job of taking pictures for me while he has been away :) Thanks babe!!! You surely keep me smiling...even on the days that I don't want to...stay safe...hurry home...WE LOVE YOU!!!
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Cathing Up...Again!

It has been soooo long since I have posted...I think I forgot for a while how to create my collages! Sooooo much has happened since the last post (all of the updated post below of course) and WE MOVED! The boys and I now reside in Savannah, GA! Everyone surely knows what this means!?!?! Aaron will be home in less than a month...I will not write specific dates...because honestly I don't know any. I know he will be coming back to the states some time around the second week of next month...WHOO HOO! My life will begin to become normal again :) Well I know "normal" is nothing my life will ever be...but I miss him so much that doing every day things for me seems pointless some times...and soon he will be right there beside our little apartment...sipping on a cup of coffee listening to Caiden tell his train stories! And I will probably just stare at him wondering if his presence is really there...and then after a month or soooo well the military people know...ahhhhh a sigh of relief (soon soon soon!!!)
Please keep our battalion in your prayers for a safe return home for all! I will really try to keep updates more regular...even though I am STILL not unpacked! Anyone wanna come help me out??? God Bless you all and talk soon....

Labor Day Weekend...

My sister and Colton came up to rescue us from our loneliness (well maybe just me) this past weekend! THANK YOU! I wish they could have stayed a little longer, but I know that pesky little thing called "a job in the work place world" seems to drag Jill back! I have an idea...quit your job and stay at home...then come up and visit me for weeks at a time!!! HAHAH..yeah right...right!?! Anyhoo, we had a wonderful time and shopped a little, drank a lot OF COFFEE, and enjoyed chit chatting while the boys napped/slept! That was the quietest time of the day, ahhhhh SILENCE...seems like there is not enough of that lately! Thanks again for making the made my month! We loves you guys...
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Colton's 4th Birthday

Even though it is EXTREMELY hard for me to except the fact that my nephew Colton turned 4 (b/c that means Caiden is only 5 mos. away)...we thoroughly enjoyed his party! Jill took the hint from me and realized how much easier it is to do the party at mom and dad's house! Not that her house isn't big enough for and dad's house has shade, yard & a nice view of the kids (from a distance)!!! It was fun & we missed Aaron dearly. Especially after my brother and brother in law MANHANDLED me and threw me into the splash down pool of the slide. I just went ahead and enjoyed the water after that happened. I got whiplash a few times going down the slide as my body has not been contorted like that since I was a child! NO I was NOT successful at trying to rocket launch off my rear-end and bounce three times in a cannonball like position to the splash down pool!!! I tried way too many times to accomplish this and was wrapped in IcyHot patches and stretching for two days before we moved. I sit here laughing hysterically as I write this because my sister tried the same shenanigans, and I saw what she looked like coming down the slide...I can only imagine what I looked like HAHAH! We had a blast and we will definitely have to do it all again once Aaron returns :) sure to check out Cam's is hilarious!!!

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Visiting wtih the Atkins'

While Ryan was home for R&R we were able to drive up to Disney and walk around downtown and eat dinner with them. I have wanted to take the boys to TN to visit with Brooke and the kids for some time now, but the timing never seems to work out! Soooooo...I settled for seeing them in Orlando...and it was nice to hug necks and visit :) The kids are getting SO BIG (as are ours)...Jake is about a month behind Cameron and looks to me much like his older bro! Thanks for the visit making the memories with you all and look forward to many more!!!
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Happy Birthday Mam!

We went to visit Mam on her birthday and her and Pap can count on the boys to keep them on their feet and entertained every time we see them! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Mam~!~
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~ Lots O' Birthdays~

We celebrated Pap, Mam & Megan's birthday all in one weekend (because they are within a week of one another!) Of course Caiden LOVES to blow out candles...and he opened Pap's present, for the most part, as well! We don't get to see Aunt Megan and Uncle Andrew very often, but when we is fun! Uncle Andrew loves to play with the boys...he will be a good daddy...Caiden tells me! It was a fun time had by all :)
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Friday, July 31, 2009


Yummmmm-O~ Cameron loved his spaghetti last night! And I loved all the facial expressions I got while I watched him make a mess :) Hope it makes you smile!
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