Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caiden's Class Birthday Party

Cameron and I took cupcakes to Caiden's school the Thursday before his birthday to celebrate with his class. His teacher has a wonderful "frog" hat they get to wear on their birthday that I couldn't seem to make stay on his head, but he had a really good time wearing it! Nicholas, Caiden's BEST BUDDY, is in the upper left hand corner with him! They are just like little peas in a pod :)
On another note... I just think it is a little funny as soon Caiden came back from music class and saw me in the class room he let out this big squeal. Mrs. Groetsch his teacher said "he's never done that before!" I told her he does it all of the time at home...why do children act SO GOOD around people other than their parents!?! I am thankful he is pretty good around others...otherwise no one would want to be friends!
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