Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh So Cute!

Some of our favorite military family sent us the cutest PJs for Christmas...and even though Cameron's is 6-12M it ALREADY fits him! They are SO CUTE...i know! Tee hee...
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Bath Time...

Cameron has now graduated to a bigger tub...because he is SO LONG! Caiden loves when his little Bub takes a bath with him...and he always keeps me in stitches with his "monster" faces! I know I am in for it when Cameron gets to moving and shaking, especially if his personality is anything like his big brothers! And even in the tub the little dude likes to suck his thumb...hmmmm wonder if he got that from Gram or Nonnie!?!
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Some more shots!

Thank you to my friend Mrs. Kalen Rabern for these fab shots...more with my new lens! Love these of Caiden, Kaden and Carley...and Oh I guess the ones of me too since they have Cam in them! Thanks again for our little photo session Kalen!
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My New Lens

Aaron bought me a new camera lens for Valentine's Day...and many many other holidays coming up...right Aaron!!! He wanted to get me a 200-400mm but I thought maybe I should stick with a 70-200mm for now! I like the close ups better anyway! Here a few shots with it...and I LOVE IT! I can be across the room and get the close up I want :) Thanks babe...i LOVE LOVE LOVE my was so thoughtful!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Check out Caiden's New Do! It was by accident...I was just going to shave the back and do a high and tight sorta look...but the little bugger moved and well this is what we got! I know he will be cooler as he had super thick hair like his daddy! We are ready for summer time!!!
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Sweetest Potatoes

Yummy! He loves his sweet potatoes :) Cam is not a huge fruit eater yet, he just likes it mixed with oatmeal at the time...but we had sweet potatoes last night...and he LOVED them!!! Can you tell by the pictures?
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Rabern's Birthay Celebration

The kids and I went to our good friends the Rabern's house yesterday to celebrate Kaden and Carley's birthdays! We had a scavenger hunt, worm races, chicken fries, mac-n-cheese...and a little photo session with Kalen! At the end Kalen had bulbs (and the worms from the races) that the kids got to plant. Devin chased Caiden (per my request) with a WORM...which Caiden did not like at all :) Teee heee!Caiden had so much fun that he slept for three hours when we got home!!! Thanks for a great time Rabern Family!
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day...even though as always we missed Aaron! We started the morning off at a Kiwanis Pancake was yummy :) Then we headed back to the house...I finally got to do some yard work (anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE to do yard work!) It was nice to be outside for an hour by myself...maybe I can make this a weekly thing. The kids enjoyed the freshly manicured lawn afterwards playing basketball and bubbles out front! It was the most beautiful day with just a slight breeze so it wasn't hot. Later that evening, Pop and the grand kids made tacos...which were delicious! Mr. Duuuuke and Aunt Fay stopped by to visit us that evening and overall it was just a wonderful day!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

On the move...

Cameron is rolling a lot already and TODAY he started scootin' himself forward...oh I am in a world of trouble when this little bit starts crawling! I know already it will be much sooner than his brother did! He can't wait for his daddy to come home and sniff and thistle him around :) Hope Daddy can keep up...
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{Valentine's Party}

Caiden's Class had their Valentine's party yesterday...and it was so much fun! They ate snacks and of course VERY colorful cupcakes :) The more color the better the picture I say...most of them looked like little clowns by the end of snacks. We made a lovely hand print art project and of course played! It was fun fun usual Cameron slept through the whole party :) What a good little baby letting his brother have plenty of time with Momma for the party!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodies for Daddy..

Caiden and I spent a couple days recently making goodies to send over to daddy and the troops! Hope you enjoy all of our work...don't worry we paid ourselves by taste testing before packaging ;) We love you Daddy..sorry your goodies won't get their b4 Valentine's Day...I was a slacker! I still love you SO MUCH and I know you will love your goody boxes...and so will all of your buddies :)
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Epcot with the Mendels

Caiden, Cameron and Myself enjoyed a WONDERFUL day with the Mendel family on Sunday at Epcot. Joe, Deanna, Brittany, and Kirsten used to live across the street from us in NC! We miss them so much and LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them whenever we can. Joe just returned from a 14 month deployment in Afghanistan and they took their girls to do the Disney experience for a week! My how the Mendel girls have grown since we last saw them in December '07 before Joe's deployment. Thank you so much to Joe and Deanna for helping me have probably the most enjoyable day since Aaron has left! You are wonderful people and I know we will be lifelong friends :) I can't wait until Aaron returns and we take a trip to France!!! Love you guys :)
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Cameron's First Foods...

Cameron had his 4 month check up last week and was a HEALTHY 13.4 lbs! Man he is growing like a weed...up from the under 5 lbs. he came home as :) The doctor gave us the go ahead to start him on fruits, veggies and or cereal/oatmeal! So initially we got on the computer with Aaron and let him watch while Cameron took his first bites of applesauce that HE DID NOT like much at all! He actually fussed while i was trying to feed him. I am beginning to think that it was just too cold from sitting out on the counter in a cold kitchen (from another cold spell FL was having called Frigid February!) The next evening I tried Oatmeal with a bit of pears to sweeten it...he LOVED it! We are eating oatmeal once a day and I am sure it will pork him up even more! It is hard to believe that he is 4 and a half months already...where does the time go!?!
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Caiden's Birthday Party

We celebrated a couple weeks after Caiden's actual birthday party due to COLD weather...but the party was a hit! As you can see from the pictures, the party day was ANOTHER cold day...but so much fun! We had a bounce house and the Black Chunka Chunka Train (caiden requested this specific one)! We missed having all of his cousins there for one reason or another, but his friends from school and playgroup kept him more than occupied. Thank you so everyone who came and entertained us...You made Caiden's birthday wonderful! We are going to be celebrating Caiden's Mickey themed birthday with his Daddy at Disney when he comes home for R&R next month :) Whoo hoo!!!
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