Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cameron's First Foods...

Cameron had his 4 month check up last week and was a HEALTHY 13.4 lbs! Man he is growing like a weed...up from the under 5 lbs. he came home as :) The doctor gave us the go ahead to start him on fruits, veggies and or cereal/oatmeal! So initially we got on the computer with Aaron and let him watch while Cameron took his first bites of applesauce that HE DID NOT like much at all! He actually fussed while i was trying to feed him. I am beginning to think that it was just too cold from sitting out on the counter in a cold kitchen (from another cold spell FL was having called Frigid February!) The next evening I tried Oatmeal with a bit of pears to sweeten it...he LOVED it! We are eating oatmeal once a day and I am sure it will pork him up even more! It is hard to believe that he is 4 and a half months already...where does the time go!?!
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