Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I thought to honor Grandpa Lennon's heritage, I would go to Caiden's class and do a St. Patrick's Day party with them! We enjoyed Green Iced cookies, juice and we made little Irishmen Caps! The kids were absolutely adorable :)

Crazy Hat Day

Caiden had Crazy Hat Day at school a couple of weeks ago...Caiden had "so much fun!" Both Caiden's class and the other 2 1/2 year old class had a Circus Party. Caiden told me all kinds of different shapes he wanted on his hat, and we even put a helicopter made of pipe cleaners on it :) I think I might have had more fun making the hat than he did...

Our Little Photo Shoot

I know that many of you don't get to see pictures of Tommy's kids unless I post them on here. I often have a photo or two of them with the boys, as we get to see them almost every weekend. I decided (since I am such a wonderful photographer! HA! HA!) to do a little photo shoot with them a couple of weekends ago...of course I took a few of my boys too! Tommy's kids are getting SO BIG and Ciara is a little clone of Kaylee! Hope you enjoy the can totally tell Austin is at the age where everything is a JOKE...especially taking pictures!

The Ashley Men

The (Tommy) Harvey Kiddos

Peas Please...

Cameron LOVES his peas! He has such a variety of things he likes to eat include pears, apples, rice, peas, butternut squash, green beans, prunes, oatmeal and potatoes! He will actually eat ANYTHING that is put near his mouth...including shoes, clothes and his brothers toys! I think we are in trouble in the future, he is a chewer!
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Daddy's St. Patty's Card

Caiden HAND MADE a card we shipped to daddy with a bunch a goodies for St. Patrick's Day! We send boxes about every other week with lots of goodies (junk food) in it! :) We make sure to send enough for sharing with he always does. More so lately, I think he thinks we are trying to make him fat with all the goodies he gets...I hope he knows how much we love and miss him!!!
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It has been a while...

Goodness...I didn't even realize how long it has been since I have posted anything. I have plenty of pictures, I just haven't had a computer to post them with! My desktop won't start, and I have been round and round with the warranty company. I am hoping Monday I am able to take it to a shop and get it fixed ASAP! I miss my computer! :)