Saturday, April 18, 2009

Practice for Easter

Mom and Dad's neighborhood association has their annual picnic the day before Easter every year and it was so much fun to have everyone there! Tommy+kids+girlfriend Mitch (and her son), Jill, Bobby & Colton, Mom (Dad was golfing) and US! It was nice to see people that lived around the neighborhood as well! The food was potluck and the pork for the sandwiches was great!

The kids had a wonderful time on there practice egg hunt...practice for the real one on Easter that is! Just a good ol' time...some norm for Aaron while he was home...

Preschool Easter Party

Caiden's class had their Easter Party on the Thursday before Easter. It worked out so perfectly that Aaron was in town to help out, because I was in charge of the party! He was able to watch Caiden in action....since he has never seen him in his school environment! It was so great to have him there and as usual...I tried to capture all the precious moments with my camera! I really love a few of these shots :) Sometimes I really think that I have more fun putting on the parties for the kids than they have coming to them!!! God has blessed us with so many little angels in the form of our children (even if they have learned the word NO)!

Pictures with Daddy

Everyone knows how much I LOVE to take pictures of the here is a little session we did in the front lawn! No special clothes...I think Caiden's face was even dirty with cookies...but the pictures turned out cute :) Hope you enjoy...


Our trip to Disney for R&R could not have been more fun! We visited the Animal Kingdom, Disney twice and Epcot! Of course Aaron and I are like big kids we had fun running around with the boys...even though Cameron chilled most of the time! I am sure the older they get, the more fun it will be at theme parks! We still have a day left on our passes for when Aaron comes back at the end of the year :)

We were also privileged enough to eat at Chef Mickey's twice! It was a wonderful experience that Aaron nor I had ever had! The staff and characters were fabulous! Caiden thought he had died and gone to heaven getting to meet them all!

The Disney experience is definitely something we will cherish...even though we live not too far made R&R what Aaron and I needed it to be...SMILES, FUN & FAMILY!

We visited with Mam and Pap the day after Aaron arrived! Caiden and now Cameron, always have fun over there! Pap aka The Ol' Grunch, always has little do dads for Caiden to play with :) It was a good time seeing them...Aaron loved it as well!

Daddy's Home for R&R

Aaron arrived home on March 31st....which gave us about a half of day extra to enjoy him! Caiden rain down the DO NOT ENTER corridor to hug his daddy...I did as well and we ALL got in trouble (including our friend Kalen who was made to delete pictures of the lazy guard who was probably more embarrassed of us getting so far down before he realized we were in there!) It was a wonderful reunion at the airport and just kept getting better and better!
We actually had to head home, change and head to the doctors office as both the boys and myself were sick! We all got better quickly (even Aaron who ended up getting sick a couple days after coming home)! It was almost surreal to have him in the car on the way home. After just a few moments of talking it seemed like he was never away! I guess what they say about having a true friend (husband & Daddy) is true...after just a few moments of catching up it seems like they were never gone! I have LOTS of pictures that my wonderful friend Kalen took of us at the airport when Aaron arrived home. I will post them as soon as I get check back to this post!

Remembering Gramma Dot...

It is hard to believe that Gramma Dot has been gone now for ten how time flies by. We enjoyed a nice dinner in her memory...lots of laughing...just how she would have wanted it. I am sure she is up in heaven smiling down knowing how much she is still thought of...and always will be :)