Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our trip to Disney for R&R could not have been more fun! We visited the Animal Kingdom, Disney twice and Epcot! Of course Aaron and I are like big kids we had fun running around with the boys...even though Cameron chilled most of the time! I am sure the older they get, the more fun it will be at theme parks! We still have a day left on our passes for when Aaron comes back at the end of the year :)

We were also privileged enough to eat at Chef Mickey's twice! It was a wonderful experience that Aaron nor I had ever had! The staff and characters were fabulous! Caiden thought he had died and gone to heaven getting to meet them all!

The Disney experience is definitely something we will cherish...even though we live not too far made R&R what Aaron and I needed it to be...SMILES, FUN & FAMILY!

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