Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching Up!!!

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I have only had my new computer for about a week and the picture transfer has taken a bit longer than I thought it would, also learning a new operating system is taking a while!  I still am going to have to find someone for about a year and a half worth of photos that the bad people at the place I PAID to transfer them didn't end up transferring them all.  After 2 emails and only hearing back from the initial one, I have given up on them.  It was a little over three months that I was without a computer (I did have our old laptop, but it runs a LOT slow)!  Hopefully I will be able to start updating frequently again...I hope!  
For everyone that does keep up with us through our blog, I have not been able to get on the computer as much lately...for one reason or another.  Mostly because Caiden keeps me super busy, and really the computer is the last thing I have time for.  
I will continue to update though, maybe just not every day like I used to do!  Love to all and thanks for keeping up with us :)  

Barnett Park

Our friend from Caiden's class invited us to a park in Lakeland that we had never been to before, it was wonderful.  It had a playground that catered a little bit more towards bigger kids, but the little water spout area was great!  Caiden took a while to want to actually play in the water, but once he got completely wet he didn't want to leave...really I almost had to drag him out!  We will be visiting this park frequently over the summer while school is out.
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slipe AND slide

Before Aaron left he bought Caiden a slip and slide.  Well Momma FINALLY got it out and I have to say even I had fun!  Caiden would have played on it for days and days (for three straight hours).  He convinced me to get on it with him...I have no clue what I was thinking.  I was "showing him" how to do the little blow up slide!  I woke up in the middle of the night and could not figure out WHY my leg and hip were hurting so bad.  Aaron so kindly reminded me the next day when I talked to him that I went on the slip and slide with Caiden!  Needless to say it took a good three days for my leg to stop hurting :)  It was fun though!!!
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Moving and Shaking

 Cameron has started crawling...first just scooting, then pulling himself with his arms, NOW just going everywhere!  He loves the RoOMbA!  Aaron bought this little robot vacuum for me before he left.  I love it and so does Cameron.  I think he would crawl around after it all day.  He is getting bigger and cuter every day that passes!
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Caiden's School Program

 Caiden's class was SO CUTE singing their little songs up at the front of the chapel!  he OF COURSE is the ham of the you can tell by EVERY picture!!!  He had me in stitches the entire time I watch them :)  I will post video as soon as I get it.
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*Lunch Time*

Caiden and Cameron enjoy lunch time..Caiden especially. Cameron loves his sippy cup which he never drinks from, he just chews the top and spills or spits it down the front of him! Caiden was given a Timmy Tractor from Charlotte (a little girl in his class, we have known her folks for a while though). She brought it back from England for him...and it was Yummy...he shared with his Momma what a sweet boy :)
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We love all kinds of different things...but Aaron and I love our Thing 1 and Thing 2 the most!

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Sitting for a Visit

April 18, 2009 CAMERON IS SITTING UP! He has been sitting up for a while, but fell back down pretty quickly. Today he sat and sat and sat! He sat a while and visited with his cousin Colton while he stayed during Aunt Jill's meeting...and sat some more in the tub :)
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Heading back to Iraq

We had a going away party for Aaron a few days before he left.  The decorations were wonderful...flags and Red, White & Blue everywhere (thank you Mr. Duke and Aunt Fay)!  Of course it was hard to have Aaron leave, but we got to drive him to the airport for hugs and kisses.  The people at the Orlando airport were so wonderful.  A manager bought him breakfast and they upgraded his ticket to first class.  I think it made leaving a bit easier...everything is easier when people are nice :)
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Easter was wonderful this year because we got to have Aaron home!  We had a wonderful time at Church, ate lunch with Aaron's parents, grandparents and  sister and brother-in-law.   We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with Mom and Dad and then when we arrived home the Easter Bunny was waiting.  Caiden thought it was SO WONDERFUL!  He got his little basket which has silly string in it, and we went through both bottles in about 5 minutes!  It was so wonderful having Aaron home, before we know it he will be back again :)
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