Sunday, June 21, 2009

RIP Mr. Wesley Cat

I lost my dearest little Wesley Cat a few weeks ago. I have had him for 14 years and miss him dearly :( He was a good little kitty mister and he will be missed! I will never forget my Wessy Cat...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Any Given Day...

The Lord has seen fit to "pair me with" my little men angels...although there are days when I need/want their Daddy back desperately for lack of sleep or patience...these two keep me smiling and laughing 99% of the time! I love love love them with all my heart and can't wait for their Daddy to get back to enjoy there smiling faces with me! Caiden looks JUST LIKE HIS DADDY in this for those of you who don't believe me...HE DOES LOOK LIKE AARON! He might not look like him all the time, but more now than ever, at least one photo out of a bunch he is wearing a smile that looks just like his Daddy's...God's friendly reminder to me that I still have a little piece of him here even though he is away temporarily!
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Swimming with the Baker's

We were invited to go swimming on Monday with the Baker's! Amanda, Jimmy Lee and Jesse James! Their Daddy is a Lt. COL over in Iraq with our Daddy (as Caiden says!) Jim and Aaron go to church together...Aaron sings with the praise team (Glee Club as I call it) and Jim plays the electric guitar and sings as well! It is funny how God always brings people into our lives that have some sort of connection to us. Turns out Jim, Lt. COL (soon to be full bird) is from Auburndale and went to WP...Amanda his wife grew up just a few streets over from Aaron in Lake Alfred before moving to Auburndale in high school! So all of us lived in neighboring cities, now the hubbies are over in Iraq together while is Military Wifey's are here swimming...and taking care of the kiddos...ALL BOYS!
This story is SO MUCH MORE than what I have typed I just can't possibly type it all out this late at night! If you would like to know more...just ask :)
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Bubba's Graduation

Caiden couldn't have had a better time this past weekend, he would have probably sat on the jet ski until he was burned to a crisp if I would have let him. Anything with any sort of steering wheel and the boy his hooked!!! The Jone's boys (my cousin Denise's kids) are wonderful. They took Caiden around and let him get in the boat and on the jet ski. He had fun with Uncle Digger and Denise and everyone else that was at the party. He (Caiden) doesn't know a stranger and he just walks up and acts like he knows everyone, which makes me laugh because his dad is the same way!!!! It was a fun party and the weather held out for us! It definitely reminded me of my age considering I used to baby sit Josh & Bubba when they were little. I still remember how happy I was when Bubba was born on my birthday...and now he had graduated high school! My how time does fly!

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Last Day of School

Caiden's last day of school party was moved to McyD's this year because of rain (which we desperately needed!) The kiddos had a blast and I had a blast watching them! He had such a great group of kids in his class this year and we hope to see them lots over the summer :)
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Cameron has TEEF!

His two little bottom teeth have popped through and the top two are bulging at the seams to get out as well! He is getting sooooo big!
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Biter Biscuits...

I can still remember when Caiden used to eat these little biscuits! I also remember the MeSs they made on little faces, hands and clothes! It is too cute watching Cameron figure out how to put everything in his mouth...and chew with only his two little bottom teef! Not only does he chew food, he chews EVERYTHING else he can get his hands on. He loves all different kinds of food and is leaning more towards not eating baby food at all these days! He wants to be big just like his B. Bub and will stop and nothing to get to where he wants to be :) This little man is on the move and getting So Big...and what a personality he has...I am looking forward to many years of being entertained by my two movers and shakers!!!

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Memorial Day

I feel very blessed that I still have friends from many years ago when I lived in TN, that I still talk to and meet up with every chance we are in the same or near by city! The Hoffmann's are wonderful people and every time we get to see them we have a great visit! The boys and I met up with them at a famous Chicago Style Pizzeria in Orlando on Memorial Day. Their boys are getting big! Especially since I remember when the oldest, Nicholas, was just a few months old! Christopher was a baby at our wedding and now they are so big! I love catching up with old friends in the chaos that seems to be my life some days...what a breathe of fresh air! Caiden loves meeting new people as well (even though he met them before he just didn't remember!) Thanks was a great break that I needed desperately!!!
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