Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bubba's Graduation

Caiden couldn't have had a better time this past weekend, he would have probably sat on the jet ski until he was burned to a crisp if I would have let him. Anything with any sort of steering wheel and the boy his hooked!!! The Jone's boys (my cousin Denise's kids) are wonderful. They took Caiden around and let him get in the boat and on the jet ski. He had fun with Uncle Digger and Denise and everyone else that was at the party. He (Caiden) doesn't know a stranger and he just walks up and acts like he knows everyone, which makes me laugh because his dad is the same way!!!! It was a fun party and the weather held out for us! It definitely reminded me of my age considering I used to baby sit Josh & Bubba when they were little. I still remember how happy I was when Bubba was born on my birthday...and now he had graduated high school! My how time does fly!

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