Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swimming with the Baker's

We were invited to go swimming on Monday with the Baker's! Amanda, Jimmy Lee and Jesse James! Their Daddy is a Lt. COL over in Iraq with our Daddy (as Caiden says!) Jim and Aaron go to church together...Aaron sings with the praise team (Glee Club as I call it) and Jim plays the electric guitar and sings as well! It is funny how God always brings people into our lives that have some sort of connection to us. Turns out Jim, Lt. COL (soon to be full bird) is from Auburndale and went to WP...Amanda his wife grew up just a few streets over from Aaron in Lake Alfred before moving to Auburndale in high school! So all of us lived in neighboring cities, now the hubbies are over in Iraq together while is Military Wifey's are here swimming...and taking care of the kiddos...ALL BOYS!
This story is SO MUCH MORE than what I have typed I just can't possibly type it all out this late at night! If you would like to know more...just ask :)
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