Friday, July 31, 2009


Yummmmm-O~ Cameron loved his spaghetti last night! And I loved all the facial expressions I got while I watched him make a mess :) Hope it makes you smile!
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Happy 83rd Pap!

The Old Grunch turned 83 this week. Even though we have had the funk flying around our house and didn't want to get his sick, we thought him seeing the boys would perk him up! Caiden picked out a balloon, a music playing card and a chocolate dipped cupcake with a giant orange flower on the top! He had to get one for himself too! I think Pap had a wonderful visit with the boys and I know he was worn out when we left!
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Helicopters at Lowes

So we were supposed to go visit the Davison's in Melbourne this past weekend and spend Saturday morning at Lowe's making helicopters! Erin (my friend, El's mom) thought that Caiden would have a blast doing this since his daddy flies them! Well my doodle was sick, and we could not go visit our friends because there are two little bundles that could get sick in their household (well there is Elliot and then her two little twin brothers). Elliot and Erin (mom) had just gotten over the stomach bug as didn't want to get them sick too. I went ahead and registered Caiden at the local Lowe's not knowing if he would be able to go or not. He had been dragging at this point for about 4 days. Well we asked his cousin if he wanted to go as well and we met up at 10 to a very busy "craft room!" We had to wait a while, but the boys had fun making their copters! Caiden of course was down for the count afterwards. We have since been to the doctor twice, with finally coming to the conclusion that he has tonsillitis AND he gave his nastiness to me! So both Caiden and I are now on antibiotics and hopefully going to get over the funk soon :)
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My Boys-Update

They are getting SO BIG...both of them! I look at this mess Caiden concocted in his room with the help of his cousin Colton. These are his Geo Tracks that he LOVES! He loves playing them with his that will be the next time that they are brought out, when his daddy gets to GA! These two are both little hams and I can hardly keep up with either one of them! Caiden loves to roll play, pretend play with Trains, LOVES reading books & pretty much anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine! Cameron loves Chica from PBS Sprout. He loves her so much that I am going to attempt to sew a Chica Doll for him, since there is not a one in existence on the market place. The only thing I can't figure out is how they make her noise. She is a little chicken puppet that sounds like a high pitch kazoo...Cameron ADORES her! He does not watch TV at all, but if he hears chica he scoots on over :) Sooo I will post pics of the "chicken" when I am done! Hopefully she will turn out very similar!!!
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Visit to Savannah...

We took a trip with Gramma Candy(or as Cameron calls her O-Ma) to Savannah, GA to look for an apartment to live in when Aaron returns! Since Gramma has never done anything in Savannah we let her go wild...we walked downtown and river street ALL DAY! We ate at Paula Dean's Lady and Sons restaurant, went on a Historic Trolley Tour, and she even had her first ride in a LIMO! Can you believe it...!?!?! I can hardly believe that my dad has never splurged for a limo for his sweetie...I think I see a date, including a limo ride, in the very near future!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

I Heart Faces

It's Feet Week! I couldn't resist entering this picture, as it brings back so many wonderful and sad memories at the same time. Wonderful because we had a new little blessing in our lives, sad because his heals continued to be pricked for over a week for testing. He was so tiny in this picture, 5 lbs. 1 oz...he was still so tiny that his skin wasn't even smoothed out yet!! Now nine months later, this picture makes me smile...

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Aaron Update...

Well we are definitely on the downhill with time left until Aaron returns to the states...time still can't go by fast enough for either one of us! Here are some of the pilots Aaron flies with weekly. The last few weeks there have been dust storms...the longest that most of the soldiers can remember ever happening during all the deployments they have had. The ORANGE picture is completely is that orange during a storm. Visibility so low that they don't fly unless completely necessary!
Can't wait to see this man in will be so nice to have my husband and the boys Daddy back again!!!
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

the "Cameron Face"

Cameron makes MANY faces...but these are THE Cameron Face faces! The bottom of the three is the one that makes me laugh the most. He does it when he is amazed at something...or trying to figure something out :) Funny little man I have here...he is a mover and a shaker he is!
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more TEEF!

Cameron now has four two and bottom two! His bite will definitely pierce your skin and he chews on everything. And his little teef look just like his Big Bro's did when they came in :) They are SO CUTE!!!
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4th of July

We hope that everyone had a Happy 4th! I spent the morning in the boys pool with them and then we enjoyed super yummy food that Mom and Emily made! Sam grilled out for us and we had a giant picnic in the yard over at the Hart's house. Caiden and I went out to the lake front and watched the fireworks after it got dark. We saw about five different shows and then ended with the show on PBS broadcast from Live from Washington, D.C. It was a great evening, the only thing missing was Aaron...he and the rest of our troops that had to be away from their families on this holiday were remembered and prayed for...
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~The Beach~

Even though it has been almost a month since we enjoyed ourselves at the beach, I had to post pictures! Aunt Fay, Aunt C/aire and Aunt Kay took me and the boys to the beach...Ft. Lauderdale! It was a WONDERFUL break for me and the boys loved the beach :) I will never be able to say thank you enough to these woman...the Lord must have known I needed a break. All the packing was worth it just to be able to lay out on the beach by myself...even if my legs did get a little burned :) I LOVE YOU LADIES!!!
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our boys...

They are getting SO BIG! We are on the countdown until Daddy returns T-87 days and counting! Aaron can't wait to get back and be part of their lives...and I can't wait to be a family again (and get a little bit of a break!)