Monday, July 13, 2009

Aaron Update...

Well we are definitely on the downhill with time left until Aaron returns to the states...time still can't go by fast enough for either one of us! Here are some of the pilots Aaron flies with weekly. The last few weeks there have been dust storms...the longest that most of the soldiers can remember ever happening during all the deployments they have had. The ORANGE picture is completely is that orange during a storm. Visibility so low that they don't fly unless completely necessary!
Can't wait to see this man in will be so nice to have my husband and the boys Daddy back again!!!
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The W. D's said...

Hey, on July 25th the project at Lowes is a helicopter! You should take Caiden that day. WAIT--you guys should come here that weekend and go with us! It'd be fun!! I already signed Elliot up