Friday, July 31, 2009

Helicopters at Lowes

So we were supposed to go visit the Davison's in Melbourne this past weekend and spend Saturday morning at Lowe's making helicopters! Erin (my friend, El's mom) thought that Caiden would have a blast doing this since his daddy flies them! Well my doodle was sick, and we could not go visit our friends because there are two little bundles that could get sick in their household (well there is Elliot and then her two little twin brothers). Elliot and Erin (mom) had just gotten over the stomach bug as didn't want to get them sick too. I went ahead and registered Caiden at the local Lowe's not knowing if he would be able to go or not. He had been dragging at this point for about 4 days. Well we asked his cousin if he wanted to go as well and we met up at 10 to a very busy "craft room!" We had to wait a while, but the boys had fun making their copters! Caiden of course was down for the count afterwards. We have since been to the doctor twice, with finally coming to the conclusion that he has tonsillitis AND he gave his nastiness to me! So both Caiden and I are now on antibiotics and hopefully going to get over the funk soon :)
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