Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cathing Up...Again!

It has been soooo long since I have posted...I think I forgot for a while how to create my collages! Sooooo much has happened since the last post (all of the updated post below of course) and WE MOVED! The boys and I now reside in Savannah, GA! Everyone surely knows what this means!?!?! Aaron will be home in less than a month...I will not write specific dates...because honestly I don't know any. I know he will be coming back to the states some time around the second week of next month...WHOO HOO! My life will begin to become normal again :) Well I know "normal" is nothing my life will ever be...but I miss him so much that doing every day things for me seems pointless some times...and soon he will be right there beside our little apartment...sipping on a cup of coffee listening to Caiden tell his train stories! And I will probably just stare at him wondering if his presence is really there...and then after a month or soooo well the military people know...ahhhhh a sigh of relief (soon soon soon!!!)
Please keep our battalion in your prayers for a safe return home for all! I will really try to keep updates more regular...even though I am STILL not unpacked! Anyone wanna come help me out??? God Bless you all and talk soon....

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