Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colton's 4th Birthday

Even though it is EXTREMELY hard for me to except the fact that my nephew Colton turned 4 (b/c that means Caiden is only 5 mos. away)...we thoroughly enjoyed his party! Jill took the hint from me and realized how much easier it is to do the party at mom and dad's house! Not that her house isn't big enough for and dad's house has shade, yard & a nice view of the kids (from a distance)!!! It was fun & we missed Aaron dearly. Especially after my brother and brother in law MANHANDLED me and threw me into the splash down pool of the slide. I just went ahead and enjoyed the water after that happened. I got whiplash a few times going down the slide as my body has not been contorted like that since I was a child! NO I was NOT successful at trying to rocket launch off my rear-end and bounce three times in a cannonball like position to the splash down pool!!! I tried way too many times to accomplish this and was wrapped in IcyHot patches and stretching for two days before we moved. I sit here laughing hysterically as I write this because my sister tried the same shenanigans, and I saw what she looked like coming down the slide...I can only imagine what I looked like HAHAH! We had a blast and we will definitely have to do it all again once Aaron returns :) sure to check out Cam's is hilarious!!!

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