Friday, December 4, 2009


Thanksgiving...a time to give thanks and be SO THANKFUL for so many things. The Lord has definitely blessed me my whole life with wonderful family & friends! This year I am most thankful that Aaron arrived back from Iraq safe and sound. The boys and I missed him so much and are looking forward to spending the holidays with him this year. I am thankful that we are on our PCSing soon to a stable position (2 years, non deployable) I'll take what I can get :)
Thank you all for your prayers while he was away this past year...they got us through!
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Caiden, Momma and the Pies!

It is my "responsibility" every year to make the pies at Thanksgiving...and I love doing it. This year I ventured areas unknown in making a homemade Cherry and Pecan pie. They were all delicious...super sweet...but yummy! Of course my all time fav is the pumpkin pie which Caiden helped me with! Gotta love Thanksgiving food...
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Bok Tower GardenI

We went to Bok Tower so I could take some pictures for friends and I of course had to snap a few for myself as well :) That place is still beautiful...Aaron hasn't been since he was a little boy and I think a good time was had by all!
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Turkey Cookies for Two Little Turkeys!

I needed something to do with Austin and Caiden before bed time one night and my friend Brooke had made these cute little cookies with her kids...they had fun and were stinkers at the same time! The cookies were good though :)
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Our "Getaway"

If you can really call it that...since we DID have to do "work stuff," Aaron more than I...but it was the first time since Caiden was born that we have actually left he kid/kids. It was nerve racking, and nice to get away all at the same time! We went to Ft. Drum, NY where Aaron's battalion is stationed now and we also got to go to a ball. It was a nice getaway but good to get back to our boys after was all said and done! Thanks Oma and Pop pop for watching the two rascals :)
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