Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today after the snow storm...

Everything was closed yesterday...the snowplows were up and down the streets all day! TODAY this is what was left after the storm...BRIGHT WHITE PEACEFULNESS! Cameron was "cheeeeeeeeeeeese"ing for the camera as soon as I got it out and the boys loved going out and playing in all the snow! There was sooooo much snow! My picture of snowballs from our porch was updated today by the snow covered snowballs. The snow was half way up Mattie's legs in the back yard as she romped around was fun! Hope you guys enjoy our pictures down there in FL...come up and visit us and the snow soon!
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Yesterday it snowed all day!

I am not exactly sure how much snow we actually got yesterday, but it snowed from 8:30 Tuesday night until about 10 last night. We got somewhere around 7-10 in and it was so much fun to watch! I made snowballs with the "Snowballer" I got for Caiden! The neatest little contraption that makes snowballs in about 5 seconds...just squeeze and presto and perfectly round snowball! Caiden will be king of the snowball fights before all is said and done! I made a little row of snowballs on our back patio rail, Caiden begged to go out and throw them :) And looking at the picture now of he and his left...he had just woke up from his nap and had a major attitude~ Gotta love a kid with an attitude...Aaron LOVES imitating him!
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Well I have had a time since I moved here to WP with the boys. If it is not one of them sick it is the other...over a month now and I can't seem to keep both well at the same time. I have been reassured by their pediatrician that there bodies are just trying to adjust and that they will eventually get over all this funk! It the meantime, I caught some horrible stomach virus and ended up in the hospital. I fought calling help too long I think...a wonderful friend Cathy (whom I just met recently as her hubby went to school with Aaron) came and stayed with the boys while I was there and then a couple days later Aaron came home for the weekend...AND my mom came back up to help me! It is nice having her here and not so lonely and I get so much more done with a little help watching Cameron ;)

It has taken me several days but I think I am going to finally get this bug out of my system...and it can take the winter with it for all I care. I think that our house is harvesting nasty germs with the heat running all the time...As for us we are now breathing Lysol in on a daily basis as I have taken stock in their company!

Hopefully it won't be too long before we can open up and air out...

Gram and Pop's West Point Tour

My mom and dad came up a couple weeks after we moved into our house (Aaron was already in school in PA) to visit/help with the boys and my attempt at unpacking our house! Aaron has been able to come home every weekend for a day and a half then head back south to PA for mom and dad entertained us during the week! Aaron suggested that we all take a tour (minus him b/c he wasn't here) of West Point to get to know the area a little better! It was cold, but nice. We had a huge bus pretty much to ourselves other than a couple of other people on the tour! We got to see beautiful sites and the Cadet Chapel was amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to venture out in the Spring and Summer when the weather has warmed up a bit...I will learn it all before my time is up here :)
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So hard to believe that 4 precious years have already gone fast! I just stare at Caiden sometimes and wonder why we were blessed with such an amazing little man!?!? Just when you think he can't come up with anything new or you can't love him happens!
Gramma and Pop Pop were here visiting during Caiden's birthday and we had a good time. Caiden wanted to MAKE a birthday cake this year Strawberry cake with Chocolate icing! It was super yummy and he even decorated it (except for writing) himself. He did so well I think I might let him help me in the future!
Happy Birthday BooBah...we love you so much!
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Gone but never Forgotten...

We will miss the Ol' Grunch (as he was called by Aaron and Caiden), but we will never forget him. Pap was an amazing man of the Lord who could build ANYTHING! He was a man that amazed many people with his abilities and kind heart! We love you Pap and we will NEVER forget you...
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Snow, Snow, Snow...

We are here!!! West Point, NY...our new home for hopefully the next three years! It has already been a whirlwind of traveling and moving! I would never suggest to anyone to try to drive an 18 hour trip straight either!!!! After all the tiredness and the agony of sleeping in a hotel with Cameron...we have arrived! It has snowed since the day we arrived and everything is white and beautiful!
We are living on post for the first time...and it is interesting. Our neighbors seem very nice and I am sure when Spring comes around the kids will be flooding into the streets...because there are at least two in every house surrounding us!
Aaron will leave for school on the 2nd of January for six weeks (i am not looking forward to this), but hopefully the time will fly by! He will be in Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA transitioning to the Lakota Helicopter so he can fly here at West will be a good thing...if I can make it through six weeks along again :) Wish me luck!
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Until our next visit...

It was time for us to get on the road again...headed up to NY this time, but before we left we thought we would enjoy a nice big breakfast with the grand's and cousins and Uncle Tommy at Fred's! It was a great way to start off the morning of our long trip, but sad to say goodbye! Not really goodbye, just until we see them again...
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Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We had a wonderful visit to Florida for the Christmas Holiday. We only stayed for a few days, but it was a wonderful few days. We spent Christmas Eve with Aaron's family first at Mam & Pap's house and then at his folks house! Of course both the boys love going to Nonnie and Pappaw's house because there tons of toys there...and always some sort of new snack! They got to open up all there little gifts from Nonnie & Pappaw and Aunt Megan & Uncle Andrew! We ate a nice dinner and visited....then headed back to Gramma and Pop Pop's house to put out cookies and milk for Santa!
The next morning/day were wild! We opened up Santa's gifts first thing in the morning and then enjoyed a nice breakfast. All the cousins came over and Aunt Jill & Uncle Bobby and Uncle Tommy too! It was a fun day...looooong...but fun!
We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas holiday!
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~Beymer Reunion Playdate~

We were very happy that we were able to meet up with a handful of Caiden's classmates from Beymer (we still miss them soooo)! It was a fun morning and wonderful to see everyone. I miss the mom's at his preschool because we all got close and it was wonderful having their kids in the same class! We really miss Mrs. Groetsch too...she was & will always be so wonderful! Thanks everyone for a great time :)
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The boys...

they are getting so big...Cameron is now almost 15 mos and Caiden nearing 4 years old! Time flies when you are having fun :)
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Caiden's Christmas Program

Caiden's class got to be part of the school Christmas Program this year...and just like last year I was in stitches for the entire 15 minute program!! From kids pushing and shoving to picking their noses, preschool Christmas programs are the best! We celebrated with several songs, then we had birthday cake to celebrate baby Jesus' birthday following the program! Fun was had by all...
In the same day we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Beth :( Caiden (and I) have been very blessed to have such wonderful teacher's in the schools he has attended...Mrs. Beth was no exception...he will be dearly missed!
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