Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gram and Pop's West Point Tour

My mom and dad came up a couple weeks after we moved into our house (Aaron was already in school in PA) to visit/help with the boys and my attempt at unpacking our house! Aaron has been able to come home every weekend for a day and a half then head back south to PA for mom and dad entertained us during the week! Aaron suggested that we all take a tour (minus him b/c he wasn't here) of West Point to get to know the area a little better! It was cold, but nice. We had a huge bus pretty much to ourselves other than a couple of other people on the tour! We got to see beautiful sites and the Cadet Chapel was amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to venture out in the Spring and Summer when the weather has warmed up a bit...I will learn it all before my time is up here :)
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