Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow...

We are here!!! West Point, NY...our new home for hopefully the next three years! It has already been a whirlwind of traveling and moving! I would never suggest to anyone to try to drive an 18 hour trip straight either!!!! After all the tiredness and the agony of sleeping in a hotel with Cameron...we have arrived! It has snowed since the day we arrived and everything is white and beautiful!
We are living on post for the first time...and it is interesting. Our neighbors seem very nice and I am sure when Spring comes around the kids will be flooding into the streets...because there are at least two in every house surrounding us!
Aaron will leave for school on the 2nd of January for six weeks (i am not looking forward to this), but hopefully the time will fly by! He will be in Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA transitioning to the Lakota Helicopter so he can fly here at West will be a good thing...if I can make it through six weeks along again :) Wish me luck!
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