Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catching Up...Growing Big...Getting Settled!

Ahhhhhh...I finally had time to update the blog. I still love taking pictures but have to admit I have not had my camera out nearly as much now that Aaron has returned to West Point and I have been able to start going through our things that have been in storage forever (some for over two years)!
The house is nearly organized and a huge boulder lifted off my back...but now off to the storage unit. Hopefully it will be easy (yah right)!
We are finally settling into this NY lifestyle and I have to admit LOVING IT~!!!~ This place is gorgeous! I cannot wait to start up my photography business in the area :)
As for Aaron, he is working diligently in his newly painted and decorated office (thanks to his wonderful wifey)! It actually looks like a "real" opposed to the horrible attack colors it used to be. Aaron is the Aviation Branch Rep. for the Core of Cadets, he will be teaching Military Science in the Fall (two classes), he is going to be the OR (officer rep.) for the scuba team...and well I can't really write everything. This job is nice being that he is HERE with us, but definitely keeps him on the go!
Caiden is in preschool two days a week and in the Fall will be starting 4 days a week at the elementary school Pre-K program. He plays soccer two nights a week and loves it. Cameron and momma just never stop moving. That boy has more energy than his brother....I never thought that would be possibly!
We feel truly blessed and are amazed daily what a good life God has given us!!! We think about everyone often and hope you enjoy our updates!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let the GAMES begin!

Caiden started playing SOCCER this year! He LOVES it. He didn't like it the first practice so much, but I got outside with him and went over some drills and practiced with him at home then he thought he was a superstar...still thinks that! He is making new friends and we have a wonderful group of kids on our team! He scored the very first goal in the first game against the gold stars and he was so happy. He is still talking about that! I am very happy and proud of his soccer skills :) Brings back a lot of memories...
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We had a wonderful time on Easter. Went to the sunrise service at church, came home and cooked and our good friends the Kroeger's came over to eat with us! We are blessed in so many ways, all because Jesus died on the Cross for our sins! Easter was wonderful for many reasons, but the number one reason (this year) was because Aaron didn't have to leave to go back to Iraq the next day!!!
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Coloring Eggs

We had to wait until Cam went to bed this year to color eggs (otherwise we would have been in a huge mess). This was the first year that Caiden really wanted to do the eggs by himself! The only one I helped decorate was the tigger one. I was so proud of Caiden for how well he did decorating his eggs. We made bunny eggs for the boys with their names on them (i helped write those too)! It was a fun night...but didn't seem to last long enough. Next year we might have to do two dozen eggs.
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~The boys~

They play so well together, most days! This was one of those days. Caiden is wearing his Super Why! mask (he loves wearing masks lately), and his brother flying his plane...two little hams...keeping their daddy and I on our toes from dawn til dusk!
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Thinking he's a big boy...

The story is as follows...
I am in the kitchen cleaning up dinner from the boys and myself (Aaron was out of town but I can't remember to where). Everything was suspiciously quiet so I walked into the dining room to find Cameron eating the dinner that he refused to eat in his high chair! Guess he just wanted to sit "ON" the table! He is about twice as much work than Caiden ever was...but totally worth it :)
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