Monday, May 24, 2010


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West Point Graduation

Even though we opted not to go to the graduation because of Cameron's age, we still decided to walk the ridiculously steep hill to try to sneak a peek of graduation from the sidewalk. But I guess we didn't think hard enough about security, considering President Obama was here, because they stopped us and diverted us. If you look REALLY hard you can see the President sitting on the stage in the bottom left picture (in the front row). Also, Marine One is in the top left hand corner. This was parked on the plain and was across from the Superintendent's house. We were not supposed to be down there, but somehow we managed :) My favorite thing had to be all the Secret Service men. There must have been a hundred of them...they were everywhere!! I also included some of the beautiful scenery that I snapped on our walk, hope you enjoy.
PS. I posted these within two days of taking them, i am so proud of myself!
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10K man

Aaron is starting back with his running...his first 10K was successful! He hadn't run that far since Iraq~ He did a wonderful job and we are proud of him! Go Daddy!!!
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Caiden had crazy hair day at school and mom didn't know about it. I asked him what he wanted to do to his hair (because it wasn't long enough to spike and I had no spray color) and he looked at me and said I want a Mohawk! So Mohawk it was. His hair was already short so it wasn't an extreme Mohawk, but cute while it lasted. It has since been shaved off again. His hair grows super fast and is pretty thick. The hotter it gets outside the more his little head heats up so we think summer+caiden=buzz cut :)
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the "EXTREME" party

I just had to post this for all of the people that think I might be a little extreme at the boys birthday partys.... Some twins, Chad & Luke from Caiden's class had a "Knight" party. It was awesome to say the least. There was a shield making station, they had pin the sword on the dragon, jousting, archery, "KNIGHTING" from the WP Black Knight just to name a few! It was over the top and so much fun! I will never be that extreme, but now at least I have some ideas :) hehehe Hope you enjoy the pictures, Debbie (the twins mom) put a lot of work into this party, kudos to her!~
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Back Yard Fun...

Just a few pictures from "the boys" playing in the back include daddy!
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Sesame Street's Grover visited WP for Safety Awareness week. Cameron couldn't even think straight to look at the camera. He was in awe! For about two weeks after Grover's visit, every time we took Caiden to school he thought Grover would be there...
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Ft. Putnum

Ft. Putnum's opening day included a few "Revolutionary War" figures...which the boys got a picture with. This place is gorgeous and you can see SO MANY beautiful views of West Point from waaaay up at the top! Hope you enjoy looking at some of our Spring scenery!
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Aaron turns 32!

Well we did have a little party for Aaron when it was his actual birthday, but these are the pictures I wanted to post for his birthday. His folks got him a grill and he said that he wanted to grill kabobs...soooo I put some together and they were yumm-o! I even put the grill together for him so he wouldn't have to...and we have enjoyed many dinners on it since...He is getting to be an old man! tee hee...but I will always be a few months older :)
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