Monday, May 24, 2010

West Point Graduation

Even though we opted not to go to the graduation because of Cameron's age, we still decided to walk the ridiculously steep hill to try to sneak a peek of graduation from the sidewalk. But I guess we didn't think hard enough about security, considering President Obama was here, because they stopped us and diverted us. If you look REALLY hard you can see the President sitting on the stage in the bottom left picture (in the front row). Also, Marine One is in the top left hand corner. This was parked on the plain and was across from the Superintendent's house. We were not supposed to be down there, but somehow we managed :) My favorite thing had to be all the Secret Service men. There must have been a hundred of them...they were everywhere!! I also included some of the beautiful scenery that I snapped on our walk, hope you enjoy.
PS. I posted these within two days of taking them, i am so proud of myself!
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