Monday, September 27, 2010


Gosh I know it has been forever since I have sat down for more than 30 minutes to look at pictures on the computer.  I finally took the last week to update photos, collages and YES, update my blog!  Hope y'all enjoy the updates..more pictures than stories..lots of fun photos though!  All the way back to May for updates...whew!!!
14 new you will have to scroll on doooooowwwwwnnnnn!  ;-P


The first Army game of the was a tongue biter! We left at half time, but the rest of the game was awesome. Army rallied back to almost beat Hawaii. Some say it was their best game in 10 years! I can't wait for the rest of the season...


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Ride on the Sup's Boat..

I just had to post these pictures, because the boys looked sooo cute in the cadet hat! Mario (the cadet sitting with us) came on our Church outing. It was a night filled with good BBQ, desserts and good people! There was not a sermon per say, but Pastor Snavely always gives good ones, every one just had a great time :) And the boys LOVED Mario...he'll be a good daddy one day!
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Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend because Aaron was actually able to be off work! We attended the 1812 Overture Concert here on post at Trophy Point. It was the last concert in the series of Summer Concerts this season. The Benny Havens Band that preforms here regularly was great and they had a chance to accompany Phil Stacey, a finalist on American Idol! We didn't get to stay for the fireworks display because of two very tired boys...however we did see them very clearly from our house! They were about 15 minutes longer than ones of the 4th of July...Awesome!
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Cadet March Back

The boys thought the band, the army trucks, and the Old Grads were awesome! This is a big deal on post here and tons of people come out and stand on sidewalks and take over hillsides to welcome these NEW cadets back (after training) for 4 years!
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Aaron scheduled SO MANY "appearances" by different aircraft this summer for the cadet training that went on...and on...and on (oh sorry!) Anyway...the Osprey were by far the coolest we got to see. Actual TILT ROTORS as Caiden loved to say. He had a bit of an infatuation with these crafts for a looong while..they were pretty cool!

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4th of July 2010

While in Ohio Caiden's cousin, Austin, taught him how to ride his bike with no training wheels! And of course as soon as we get home he is all about riding that bike (every day all day!) The end of our street opted for a combined BBQ and fun was had by all. We saw a beautiful display of fireworks at WP to end the night...awesome!
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-The Cottage

This place is sooooo beautiful! Exactly what I had imagined in my head from all I have heard about it....right down to the funny old men!
We took the kids to a place called Geneva on the Lake where we putt putt golfed, arcade played and snow coned to their hearts content! Much fun was had by them, and Aaron and I will pass next time...tee hee :)
These are some of my favs. of Twin Gables. This is my Uncle Digger's place on the Lake Erie. He and the rest of the family spent every summer up at this location and it's adjacent lots (some of which have toppled over the side of the cliff over the years) when they were boys. It really is beautiful. There is one picture at the top of the water spout which turned into a tornado that completely tore up 200 yards down the road from us for about a mile stretch. I think Dad and Tommy missed hitting it head on by a single minute! Thank you Lord!
It was great to see everyone and the boys love Uncle Digger's truck, and especially being able to see their Uncle Tommy! We all had such a special time and are looking forward to getting back again next year :)
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The Lakota

When we heard we were going to to be PCS'ing to West Point, Aaron was very fortunate to be able to get a recommendation from a COL in Iraq that made it possible for him to transition to THIS BIRD! Not nearly as big as the Longbow. However, this one allows much more climbing room for the boys :) Caiden might "bug" just enough to be able to get a ride in it one time...tee hee! Just like his daddy he is!~
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Strawberries and Cherries

We had so much fun at Lawrence Farms Orchards with several Momma's and kiddos from our street (and a couple from the street behind us)! We started off picking strawberries. Caiden ran around most of the time and asked me to fill up his basket. After that he went around showing people "look how many strawberries I got!" Cameron found various roads to sit in and chow down on nice, sun-warmed strawberries. He must have eaten 20 of them! Can't wait to go back for the maze and pumpkin patch in the Fall!
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*The Cake Boss*

We were very fortunate to be able to meet Buddy and Joey and some of their other crew from the show the Cake Boss on TLC!  We are not sure when the episode will air or if we are going to be on it!  Read more about it below...

At mid-morning on Friday, 11 June 2010, the West Point Community celebrated the Centennial of the magnificent Cadet Chapel, which officially opened on 12 June 1910, following the last service at the Old Cadet Chapel that was located where Bartlett Hall/East Academic Building now stands. After that service, the assembled worshippers then climbed the hill to the new Cadet Chapel. A century later, another group assembled outside Bartlett Hall prayers, hymns and remarks before forming up and marching across Diagonal Walk, past Quarters 100, and up the hill to the Cadet Chapel. There an organ demonstration was provided by Mr. Craig Williams , organist; an historic overview was provided by Mr. Sherman Fleek, USMA Historian, hymns and prayers were offered, and four members of the Alumni Glee Club led the singing of “The Corps. Then, all exited the Cadet Chapel to view the arrival of a commemorative cake provided by &#8221Buddy the Cake Boss” especially for the occasion.
Although very few cadets were available to participate in the ceremony due to duty and leave, three should be singled out for commendation. CDT Robert Smith played the chimes during the march to the chapel, and after the ceremony, CDT Mike Dolan and CDT Kate Goodall stood out in the glaring sun and gradually disassembled the chocolate cake in the shape of the Cadet Chapel, complete with wedding party in blues, and passed out slices to all. Coincidently, Carlo’s Bake Shop from Hoboken, NJ, who delivered the cake, also has been in business since 1910. (Updated 22 June to add Photo slide show)
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{Backyard FUN}

We are in our backyard every day (until it is soooo cold we can't stand it)! Molly (the little girl) is our next door (duplex) neighbor. We love her and her sister and brother. The boys love love love their swing set!
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~Soccer season comes to an end...~

Soccer season was SO MUCH FUN this year! So much fun that I am going to coach in the Spring! We were so blessed to have a wonderful team full of energetic NICE little kiddos! I hope to get some of them on my team next year :) We decided to have the end of the season party at our house. The weather was nice and the kids enjoyed themselves. YAY for SOCCER!~

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Caiden's last day of school

Caiden's last day of school this year was bitter sweet for me. He used to come home from school and take naps and his brother would also take a nap and i would have about an hour ALL TO MY SELF (and my dirty bathrooms, laundry, dirty dishes, etc!) Caiden has pretty much come to the end of a need for naps and his brother has switched to only a couple hours of napping a day! End of school (one more year in pre-k) year '09/'10 :( They grow up so fast...
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Mam, Nonnie and Papaw's visit..

Back in May, Aaron's folks and Mam visited us for about a week. Of course the boys had a blast tiring them out. We got to get out and do a little site seeing while Aaron was at work. We are looking forward to them visiting agian in Nov. and Dec!
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