Monday, September 27, 2010

-The Cottage

This place is sooooo beautiful! Exactly what I had imagined in my head from all I have heard about it....right down to the funny old men!
We took the kids to a place called Geneva on the Lake where we putt putt golfed, arcade played and snow coned to their hearts content! Much fun was had by them, and Aaron and I will pass next time...tee hee :)
These are some of my favs. of Twin Gables. This is my Uncle Digger's place on the Lake Erie. He and the rest of the family spent every summer up at this location and it's adjacent lots (some of which have toppled over the side of the cliff over the years) when they were boys. It really is beautiful. There is one picture at the top of the water spout which turned into a tornado that completely tore up 200 yards down the road from us for about a mile stretch. I think Dad and Tommy missed hitting it head on by a single minute! Thank you Lord!
It was great to see everyone and the boys love Uncle Digger's truck, and especially being able to see their Uncle Tommy! We all had such a special time and are looking forward to getting back again next year :)
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