Sunday, October 10, 2010

{Our Cadets}

We had a couple of our *favorite* cadets over the other night, Oakie and R.J. I made crock pot roast. You would think you were giving them a million dollars every time you feed them! They are both from the south and enjoy a little home cooked southern meal from time to time. Of course I have to include a big pitcher of sweet tea as well :)
A little back ground on the cadets...
We adopted R.J. from one of my friends that was moving back to Bragg (pictured with Caiden)...we couldn't be more blessed to have such an awesome cadet adopt us back! Oakie aka Nathan Oakland Osbourne III (pictured with Cam) is the pastor that married Aaron and I son (Pastor Osbourne of Faith Baptist)! He is a firstie (senior), so we will only have him with us for the rest of the school year...but we are so blessed to have him as well! What awesome young men...they are good with the boys and I love being able to make them smile just by cooking a simple dinner.
For a cadet...being able to have a home cooked meal and enjoy a "home" atmosphere is a huge deal! These are just two of our 7 cadets, but we love these guys...and so do the boys!
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