Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Soccer season has come and gone...

I loved playing soccer growing up and I am so glad Caiden enjoys it too! I was asked to coach this season and I enjoyed it (for the season), I think i will sit on the sidelines this coming fall! The kids were so sweet and we had a few "ringers" as the other teams referred to them as. At this age they don't really do teamwork well yet, but they did have fun with each other!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caiden's 5th Pirate Party

Even though the party got pushed back a couple more months than we orginally thought it would (because our winter was relentless), Caiden was NOT going to forget that we told him he could have a Pirate Party for his 5th birthday! I tried my hardest to make it something he would remember. He invited his class from school...and every single person came! It really was a lot of fun. My first experience having kids dropped off at a party...and parents coming to pick them up hours later :)
Arrrggggg Matey's...everyone put on their pirate gear and we partied til dinner time. Happy 5th Birthday (again) Caiden! So glad you loved your party!!!
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Caiden's First Field Trip!

This was Caiden's first field trip where he got to take a school bus! We really had so much fun with all his classmates and the other pre-k class! The Bear Mountain Zoo is a small zoo close to West Point with mostly rescued animals that have been injured or are older. It has a ton of recreation space and is a nice place to go with the family. Momma and Caiden had a really nice picnic and a lot of fun with his classmates.
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