Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Caiden turns 5!

So hard to believe that it was five years ago that we were given a blessing beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of! Caiden has brought so much joy to our lives now for 5 whole years. The saying the grow up fast is so true. I always tell him how much I would love for him to stay my little boy forever, but his dad and I have so much fun watching him grow in everything that he does.
Since Caiden wants an outdoor Pirate Party this year, we will wait until late Spring for a party (since mom slacked last year with the move).  We celebrated his actual birthday at Chuck E Cheeses with some good friends. He had a blast, but will talk about his upcoming pirate party until the actual date (so I better make it a good one)! We love you Caiden. You are an awesome little boy who everyone loves so much. 5 wonderful years...looking forward to sharing at least 50 more with you!
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