Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Time

It was nice to have Aaron's family come up and visit for Christmas. The boys love having guests (and are always up a bit earlier)! Mam made the trip with Nonnie and Pappaw this time. We were able to enjoy the indoors mostly as the Winter had already started up pretty good by the time they had arrived. Snow, Snow, Snow...and some more snow...
Santa came and left a few gifts...Nonnie and Pappaw came and left a ton of gifts. The boys were in heaven and I shutter to think about finding a place to store all their new little goodies. Looks like the Goodwill and Church will be getting a visit from some of their older items. It is always fun to have family around during the holidays. And just like I dreamt when I was was a White Christmas (my favorite movie of all time)!
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